Hello and gday! My name is Alex Kwong and I’m a wedding photographer.
I really love taking photos and I really suck at “writing about myself”.

How did you get in to wedding photography?

I’ve been doing wedding photos for just over 5 years now. Before weddings I was deep in to photographing bands in Adelaide’s underground/independent live music scene. I’m a big music head and my first wedding was for some friends in Adelaide’s punk rock community.

How would you describe your photography style?

When people ask me to describe my wedding photography I always think colourful/LOTS of colour/bright/happy. My photos capture the “totalness of the day” - veering from pleasant/quiet/sentimental moments to wild+raucous dance floor flamboyance - but no matter what, there is always a strong theme of “bright, colour and happy” connecting the body of work together. I make a special effort to get photos of as many of your guests as I can throughout the day.

What do you love most about your job?

My favorite part of the job is meeting and interacting with people. I’m a huge people person and a total extrovert. I’m an extrovert who happens to be really good at taking photos of people.

What do you do differently to other wedding photographers?

All wedding photographers have to be organised, it’s so important. I’m different from other wedding photographers because I LOVE being super organised. I get super stoked making sure the wedding photography goes off without a hitch and my next-level-organisation helps the wedding couple cruise through the day care-free.

Can we have a big group photo that includes everyone?

YES!!! I love doing a big group photo. I’m REALLY good at doing group photos.

How many photos will we receive?

I’m a shutterbug. On your wedding day I zoom around taking taking thousands of photos. I will then cherry pick, edit and deliver between 400 to 600 photos from the day that really capture the spirit/energy of your wedding from start to finish.

How soon can we get our photos after the wedding?

Your photos will take around 12 weeks to be finished and delivered. I’ll send you a few “sneak peeks” in the week after the wedding.

Do you store/keep our photos?

When I deliver your final wedding photos, I always remind people to make back ups. Make one copy on a different USB and make another copy on your laptop/computer. I will keep backups of your wedding photos in my own data storage/backup for 3 years.

How much do your wedding packages cost?

My wedding packages exist on a sliding scale depending on how much or how little coverage you want on the day. Your wedding photography package can cost $2000 - $2500 - $3000 - $3500 - $4000 - but it all comes down to what you want photographed. We should discuss “what you want from your wedding photography package” over a coffee and/or beer :)

Do you charge extra for travel and accommodation costs?

I will only charge travel/accommodation costs if the drive to/from the wedding is more than 1.5 hours one way. For most weddings, there are no extra travel/accommodation costs. Barossa Valley+McLaren Vale+Fleurieu Peninsula all that stuff is included :)

Do you photograph interstate or overseas weddings?

Absolutely and YES PLEASE! I LOVE shooting weddings interstate and overseas! Get in touch and let’s start planning!

Why don’t you refer to your wedding couples as “souls” on your website and Instagram?

I. Just. Can’t.

Can we have a second photographer for our wedding?

Yes absolutely we can cover your wedding with a second photographer. The second photographer will cost $500.

Is it important that your wedding photographer has good taste in music?

Great question. YES. If your photographer doesn’t have great taste in music, then “technically they don’t exist”. LOL

What are your hobbies?

Photography. Listening to music - “gold digging for new bands/music”, collecting limited edition coloured vinyl of my *favourite albums*, going out to see/discover Adelaide’s amazing local bands. Reading political biographies I’ve found at second hand shops.

Who are your favourite bands?

Great question! Thanks for asking. From South Australia, my favourite band is Horror My Friend. Internationally, my favourite band is Red Fang. I think it is every South Australian’s “duty” to see West Thebarton play live - they are a national treasure.